UPDATE: 24 July 2013

Please vote for Avalard Publishing in the Arthur Guinness Projects arts grants awards. You can vote daily until the end of August, so please, do keep voting for us.* We’re looking at investing a potential grant award in new equipment and software to improve the standard of our books, plus broaden our remit and begin both an internship and educational outreach strand.
See: https://www.arthurguinnessprojects.com/arts/avalard-publishing

* You need to verify age at login to vote. Can also use your Facebook account, and you can vote for as many projects as you like, but only one vote PER project per day. Please do support us.

On The Shining Bann will now be shipping early August – all pre-orders will receive their copies first.

Forthcoming schedule is subject to change. We’re overhauling the website and the ordering service following customer feedback, and unforeseen problems. Our line-up is looking good, but we’ll be holding off on pre-orders from now on until just before going to press as dates sometimes have to change.

Thanks for your patience.



Dracula Who…? Special Edition cover

special limited edition available exclusively from Avalard.
Order now post free!

Avalard Publishing is a small local press with a globaloutlook. Avalard has particular interests in film, television and theatre related books and memoir; Irish-interest material; photography and art books; and will be republishing a series of orphaned works in special editions.

Our portfolio for 2013 includes books by best selling author Shane Briant, legendary film icon Ingrid Pitt, award-winning writer Paul Kane and acclaimed director Lawrence Gordon Clark.  From female secret agents to tales of Irish Highwaymen, Avalard has something for everyone.

Many of our books will be issued first in limited-run hardback editions for collectors.  Many of our titles will also be available in electronic and audiobook format in due course.

Order now via our new shop at http://publishing.avalard.com/shop/ 

2012 Schedule (subject to change)

March – The Lost Liner by Robert Cromie (fiction, paperback)
March - Annul Domini: The Jesus Factor by Ingrid Pitt (fiction, hardback)
27 October - Dracula Who…? (Special Edition) by Ingrid Pitt (fiction)

[All dates TBC]
Ghost Stories selected by Lawrence Gordon Clark (hardback, fiction, anthology)
Telling Stories by Lawrence Gordon Clark (fiction, hardback)
Hellraisers: The Hellraiser Interview Book by Paul Kane (non-fiction)
Spring TBC – On The Shining Bann: Memories of an Ulster Manor (non-fiction, hardback)
The Webber Agenda by Shane Briant (fiction, hardback)
Stand and Deliver: Tales of Ulster Highwaymen by Jim McCallen (non-fiction)
The Bedlam Book Of Horror

The Life and Career of Norman J Warren by Adam Locks and Adrian Smith


Lawrence Gordon Clark’s Ghost Stories For Christmas

- 1st eBook edition, available for a limited time via Amazon and Smashwords
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